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BLM Global Network Resources


Are you a Black Lives Matter organizer, or interested in becoming one? Browse our collection of resources for the BLM Global Network, including organizing guides curated by our core team, anonymous crowd-sourced global protest trackers, and more.

Guide: Trauma-Informed Approach. How to Check In During a Crisis

This guide explains how to check-in from a trauma-informed approach during a crisis using therapeutic interventions.

Guide: Stopped by Police? Know Your Rights

Being stopped by the police is more than just an interaction for most people. It is a stressful experience that has high potential for things to escalate quickly. In this guide, you will find three different scenarios where your legal rights and strategies for handling police encounters will be identified.

Guide: How to Organize

To amplify and augment global Black Lives Matter organizing, our team assembled a brief 2-page guide on the next steps that leaders and organizers can take to effectively mobilize. Thank you for your work. This is our movement and your moment.

Street Medic Guide

Protesting is physically tiring and presents risks only exacerbated by police use of tear gas and pepper spray. The Paper Revolution Collective has written a comprehensive guide for street medics, including basic first aid and safety advice.

Global Protest Trackers

Multiple organizations have created online maps of Black Lives Matter protests using crowd-sourced data gathering. View the trackers below to see protests that have occurred near you or to anonymously report demonstrations you have been a part of.

Gentle Reminders from Our Founders

Organizing is deeply inspiring but can be very draining, particularly for movement leaders. Read a message from our founding members offering gentle reminders about what’s important and how to keep going in our global fight against systemic racism and injustice.

Issue Briefings


Our core team brings a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, from building diverse coalitions in global politics to writing domestic health policy. Our supporters, ranging from policy professionals to students, offer even more perspectives. Our Issue Briefing series presents short, digestible policy discussions on systemic racism and the countless sectors it impacts.

Please contact us if you would like to write an Issue Briefing.

Narrowing the Racial Wealth Gap Through Housing Investment

Jennifer Zhang | Director of Outreach
July 2020

Addressing Health Care Disparities with National CLAS Standards

Britney Paddy, QMHP | Director of Corporate Compliance & Organizational Psychology
July 2020

Racism is a Public Health Crisis

Laurel Huffman, MPH, CPH, RDN, LDN | Director of Public Health Advocacy
June 2020

More Issue Briefings are coming soon!

Online Resources Collection


The following are webpages, articles, social media accounts, and other resources our research and social media team have gathered for your convenience. Listed resources are not necessarily endorsed by #TheWorldIsWatching.

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Global News (#TheWorldIsWatching)

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Guidance for Global BLM Organizers


To amplify and augment global Black Lives Matter organizing, we assembled a brief 2-page guide on the next steps that leaders and organizers can take to effectively mobilize. Thank you for your work. This is our movement and your moment. #BlackLivesMatter #TheWorldIsWatching

This guide was developed in consultation with experienced grassroots organizers and activists.

Global Protest Trackers


Multiple organizations have created online maps of Black Lives Matter protests using crowd-sourced data gathering.

CREOSOTE ⁠— 3,960 cities or towns worldwide have had BLM protests between May 25, 2020 and June 24, 2020.

AL JAZEERA ⁠— Cities outside of the United States where protests have been held include Buenos Aires, Argentina; Yerevan, Armenia; Perth, Australia; Sydney, Australia; Adelaide, Australia; Brisbane, Australia; Cairns, Australia; Canberra, Australia; Townsville, Australia; Newcastle, Australia; Wyong, Australia; Vienna, Austria; Brussels, Belgium; Ghent, Belgium; Liege, Belgium; Hamilton, Bermuda; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Sofia, Bulgaria; Calgary, Canada; Fredericton, Canada; Halifax, Canada; Moncton, Canada; Montreal, Canada; Ottawa, Canada; Peterborough, Canada; Saskatoon, Canada; Toronto, Canada; Vancouver, Canada; Nicosia, Cyprus; Prague, Czech Republic; Copenhagen, Denmark; Aarhus, Denmark; Oulu, Finland; Helsinki, Finland; Bordeaux, France; Paris, France; Berlin, Germany; Munich, Germany; Bonn, Germany; Bremen, Germany; Cologne, Germany; Dusseldorf, Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Gottingen, Germany; Jena, Germany; Osnabruck, Germany; Accra, Ghana; Athens, Greece; Thessaloniki, Greece; Reykjavík, Iceland; Kolkata, India; Mashhad, Iran; Dublin, Ireland; Tel Aviv, Israel; Haifa, Israel; Milan, Italy; Rome, Italy; Verona, Italy; Kingston, Jamaica; Tokyo, Japan; Nairobi, Kenya; Pristina, Kosovo; Monrovia, Liberia; Vilnius, Lithuania; Mexico City, Mexico; Guadalajara, Mexico; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Groningen, Netherlands; The Hague, Netherlands; Auckland, New Zealand; Wellington, New Zealand; Christchurch, New Zealand; Dunedin, New Zealand; Tauranga, New Zealand; Abuja, Nigeria; Lagos, Nigeria; Bergen, Norway; Kristiansand, Norway; Oslo, Norway; Tromso, Norway; Karachi, Pakistan; East Jerusalem, Palestine; Quezon City, Philippines; Poznan, Poland; Warsaw, Poland; Lisbon, Portugal; Porto, Portugal; Coimbra, Portugal; Bratislava, Slovakia; Cape Town, South Africa; Pretoria, South Africa; Pretoria, South Africa; Seoul, South Korea; Myeong-dong, South Korea; Barcelona, Spain; Girona, Spain; Zaragoza, Spain; Stockholm, Sweden; Umea, Sweden; Malmo, Sweden; Geneva, Switzerland; Zurich, Switzerland; Tunis, Tunisia; Istanbul, Turkey; Liverpool, United Kingdom; London, United Kingdom; Manchester, United Kingdom; Derry, United Kingdom; Belfast, United Kingdom; Birmingham, United Kingdom; Birmingham, United Kingdom; Sheffield, United Kingdom; Bournemouth, United Kingdom; Portsmouth, United Kingdom; Brighton, United Kingdom; New Alresford, United Kingdom; and Cardiff, Wales.

Gentle Reminders in the Fight Against Systemic Racism and Injustice


To our friends in the international community: I must start with thank you.  What started as a personal attempt to encourage compassion and solidarity around the injustices against Black and Brown people in the US has grown to an international movement. I am so thankful to each and every voice that has used their space in support of these efforts.

  1. To all persons advocating against the violence, racism, and systematic injustice in the US – we urge you to be mindful of your mental health and well-being during this time. Engage when you can, how you can. 
  1. No act is too big or too little. Share the post, respond to the comment. Have conversations with friends and family. Encourage engagement and active involvement. Attend a peaceful protest. Translate resources/terminology in your native language. Do more research and learn. Support and donate how and when you can. 
  1. Cancel culture is easy and can be counterproductive in the bigger picture of moving towards a more more peaceful and compassionate world. Engage how you can. 
  1. You  may not know the exact answer or solution. Show up anyway. Lean into the learning. 
  1. Everyone has a role to play in the social change ecosystem – learn your role.
  1. Help how you can, when you can, where you can.

We acknowledge all of you who have, are, and will use you voice to amplify the echos of thousands, if not millions around the world toward a just, fair, and safe society. 

We see you and we thank you.  

In Solidarity, 

Alexandria, Vannary, and Somaya