BLM Global Network Resources


Are you a Black Lives Matter organizer, or interested in becoming one? Browse our collection of resources for the BLM Global Network, including organizing guides curated by our core team, anonymous crowd-sourced global protest trackers, and more.

Guide: Trauma-Informed Approach. How to Check In During a Crisis

This guide explains how to check-in from a trauma-informed approach during a crisis using therapeutic interventions.

Guide: Stopped by Police? Know Your Rights

Being stopped by the police is more than just an interaction for most people. It is a stressful experience that has high potential for things to escalate quickly. In this guide, you will find three different scenarios where your legal rights and strategies for handling police encounters will be identified.

Guide: How to Organize

To amplify and augment global Black Lives Matter organizing, our team assembled a brief 2-page guide on the next steps that leaders and organizers can take to effectively mobilize. Thank you for your work. This is our movement and your moment.

Street Medic Guide

Protesting is physically tiring and presents risks only exacerbated by police use of tear gas and pepper spray. The Paper Revolution Collective has written a comprehensive guide for street medics, including basic first aid and safety advice.

Global Protest Trackers

Multiple organizations have created online maps of Black Lives Matter protests using crowd-sourced data gathering. View the trackers below to see protests that have occurred near you or to anonymously report demonstrations you have been a part of.

Gentle Reminders from Our Founders

Organizing is deeply inspiring but can be very draining, particularly for movement leaders. Read a message from our founding members offering gentle reminders about what’s important and how to keep going in our global fight against systemic racism and injustice.